I’m cleaning my office. While I didn’t finish today, I made an admirable start.

I use a semi-rational piling system, which works great unless left unchecked, as in this case.

The amount of cat/dog hair under my desk is astounding. Also, I was lamenting the fact that no one has yet to come up with a truly good system for computer/printer/router/godknowswhat cord management.

Found my missing jump drive! Now I have two (because of course, I bought one when I couldn’t find the old one).

Cleaning around here is like anthropology. We carefully excavate layers, all of which can be notcarbon dated by postmarks, or (worse!) by letters from previous lovers (Wow! I dug all the way down to Matt!).

A hush always falls over the crowd as we uncover carpet or deskspace that hasn’t seen the light of day in eons. Women have been known to faint.

I’m always amazed at how many books I find, many of which I’ve never seen before. I have long suspected that they breed, in the dim and dusty solitude of the shelves. The newborns are thrown into the pile of papers to feed and mature, squinting and blinking up into the light as I uncover them.

What was that sticky mess on the back of “Do It Yourself Coffins For Pets and People” (a woodworking book)? Whatever it was, it came off easily with Formula 409. I love Formula 409.

Cleaning always brings up problems. What do you do with an old film camera, which was a wedding present for a marriage you barely remember? I never use it… it’s not fancy enough to be worth anything. Do you just throw it out? Or continue to grant it precious shelf-space? And if so, why? Is there a place to recycle old cameras? Is it worth the bother?

That’s a pile of stuff to go downstairs. Take a few items with you when you go, will you?

B. ;-*