I love sex toys. I have a rather large collection. My friend Velvet loves them too, so we’re always comparing notes on what to buy. These days, they keep coming out with so many new and interesting and exciting toys, it’s hard to make a decision! 🙂

It used to be that almost all sex toys were designed to look like a disembodied penis (which I found kind of creepy), or a rocket shape. Now, some smart folks have figured out that girls like to buy toys that are pretty, cool, and useful, and they can look like anything. They come in all kinds of colors, shapes, and descriptions, and some have really unique shapes that reflect a better understanding of female anatomy.

My favorite toys: I have a brand new little black wand with white crystals, I call it my “fancy dress” vibrator. It’s small and discreet and has a great strong vibration.

I also have a remote-controlled toy — a little vibrator that slips into my panties, and then a wireless remote control for my friend to operate at his discretion. It’s so much fun to wear this one when we go out to dinner. 🙂

I have a beautiful glass dildo (I love glass toys, pretty and easy to clean), which has a blown-glass flower in the “head.” It’s so pretty, and it feels wonderful. 🙂

I have a slender glass toy for prostate play; and a strapless (really!) “strap-on” for my serious exploration, made from lovely medical-grade silicon.

I love my We-Vibe, a slender u-shaped toy designed for both internal and external stimulation, and (most important!) can be worn during intercourse! Love it!

I know some men can be intimidated by sex toys, and a rare few feels they undermine their masculinity. I think this is sad. For me, sex toys are just one more wonderful way we can share pleasure together. With manual stimulation, it can take a long time for me to reach orgasm. Using toys allows me to share my pleasure with a partner, but in only a few short minutes… allowing me more time to focus on him. 🙂

I have so many toys I’d love to have… some because they’ve got fascinating functions; some because they’re just beautiful. The local Fascinations store has dildos made of beautiful polished wood — wood! — which have been permanently sealed and shine with a high gloss. I’ve also been wanting to try some of the new steel dildos, many with changeable heads.

Most of all, I want to try the amazing DeLight Click n’ Charge (the sculpture pictured here!), and the Form2, which looks a bit like a little faceless pink bunny. Sex toys have risen to the level of art… and using them is so much fun!

B. ;-*