My desire is to create a luxurious, leisurely experience for both of us.
You can expect fun and laughter, intense passion, stimulating conversation, adventure and exploration.

If you are new to this type of experience, I will do everything possible to ensure you are relaxed and feel comfortable.

I also offer some very unique specialty sessions, including luxury Colorado tours, Tantra explorations, “lessons” in male multiple orgasm, romantic dinner dates, two-girl sessions, couples sessions, overnight, weekend, and traveling experiences, swinger’s club evenings, sensual domination, and more!

I specialize in multi-hour sessions, and I’ve structured my rates accordingly… I love a leisurely experience, with plenty of time to get to know one another and enjoy ourselves, without the pressure of the clock.

I am happy to be your companion for any occasion, from an afternoon at the ball game, to a corporate cocktail party. As a true courtesan, I am multi-faceted, and comfortable in almost any social setting. If you’re interested in something that you don’t see listed here, please send me an email and let’s discuss the possibilities!

Rates are for time and companionship only, and are all-inclusive (no upselling, and tipping, while appreciated, is never required). I apologize for any inconvenience, but I take cash only; I do not accept credit cards or checks.

Finally, the length of time for each session is relative. I don’t enjoy rushing. I prefer to relax, take my time… I want to truly get to know you, and give you the opportunity to get to know me, as well.

Classic Companionship – hourly rates
These are the basic hourly rates for my time, a traditional “escort” experience. I do not offer half-hour sessions; I believe it’s important to have plenty of time, to truly make a good connection! If you are interested in an extended encounter, or another truly unique session, please explore my specialty services!

1 hour $250
90 minutes $325
2 hours $400
3 hours $550
4 hours $700
6 hours $1,000
After six hours,
each additional hour: $150
dinner only (no private time) $200

Please Come Again Rates: I love to see old friends… even new “old friends!” I appreciate your return business — and I show it. 75 percent of my dates are repeat clients… a statistic which makes me shamelessly proud.

I think it’s because the business may be reduced to statistics, but my esteemed guests never are — you are special and unique, and I am pleased and honored to get to know you.

Returning friends are invited to take $25 off my usual rates… and expect our time together to be very, very relaxed, and plan your schedule accordingly.

Delightful Dinner Dates
2+ hours – $450 plus dinner
3+ hours – $600 plus dinner

My delightful dinner dates are one of my most popular options! This experience is a favorite for both busy travelers visiting Denver on business, and local friends looking for a special companion. Why dine alone? I will join you for dinner (or lunch, if you prefer) at the restaurant of your choice. I am happy to recommend the perfect restaurant… fine dining, award-winning cuisine, a funky ethnic eatery, even a wonderful 24-hour diner! And then, after dinner, we’ll indulge in one or two intimate hours of delights… a truly satisfying evening!

Overnight and Extended Encounters
14+ hours – $1,500
24 hours – $2,000
weekend (Friday night through Sunday evening) – $3,000
weekly: $5,000
rates are for my time only; travel expenses not included.

Whether you choose one night of ecstasy, or a week or more, it’s the ultimate romantic escape, truly a Honeymoon Experience!

I am delighted to be your traveling companion, anywhere in the world… or perhaps you’d like me to come to your home city, and show me the sights… or maybe you’d love to explore Denver and the beautiful Rocky Mountains, with a special, sensual tour guide!

For single-night encounters in Colorado, we’ll enjoy charming luxury at a quiet Bed-and-Breakfast in the foothills of the Rockies, staying in our own little cottage, with a private hot tub.

Longer adventures can take almost any shape… in the past, I’ve spent a weekend holed up at one one of Denver’s historic hotels, eschewing clothing and venturing out only for food; I’ve flown to cities across the country, learning about local history and making some history of my own; another special friend took me to Bali for a week, an amazing experience.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Whatever you desire, I can make it happen. Our experience together will be unforgettable, lovely and profoundly intimate. When I give you a lingering kiss as we part, you’ll be feeling utterly relaxed, and totally rejuvenated.

An Evening Out
4+ hours – $700 plus expenses
6+ hours – $1,000 plus expenses

Let’s paint the town red! Your evening out is something special – let me know what you desire, and I’ll take care of the rest!
Dining out at a fine restaurant or an outstanding ethnic bistro… drinks and dancing… snuggling together while munching popcorn at the movies… getting naughty at a strip club (I love strip clubs!)… holding hands at the opera… it’s your evening out, you decide! And then afterwards, we’ll enjoy a couple of hours of unique, intimate pleasures… heavenly!

Discover Colorado
Colorado Adventure: 12+ hours – $1,500 plus dinner
Colorado Mini Adventure: 6+ hours – $1,000
Deluxe Colorado Adventure: 12+ hours – $2,500 plus dinner
Deluxe Colorado Mini Adventure: 6+ hours – $2,000

I love my home state of Colorado. I grew up in this beautiful state, and I am always delighted to show my friends all of my favorite places!

Whether you are a visitor to Colorado who’d like to see the sights, or a local looking for a great way to spend a day, my Discover Colorado sessions are the ultimate one-day vacation you’ll remember for years to come.

No matter which rate package you choose, you’ll have three options: Discover the Rockies, Discover Denver, or Discover Colorado Springs.

The 12+ hour packages will include the following: Our day will begin at noon, when I treat you to lunch… a casual, tasty restaurant in Denver, or, if you choose the mountain option, a private gourmet picnic lunch in a meadow!

After lunch, we could do a variety of things, based on your interests. Each Discover Colorado session is different, tailored to your unique tastes, interests, and desires. We might tour a real gold mine, explore modern art at Denver’s wonderful art museum, go hiking in the Garden of the Gods, experience Denver’s architecture and history, drive to the top of a mountain more than 14,000 feet high. Whatever intrigues you, I’ll create an adventure just for you.

After our busy afternoon, we’ll have dinner at a restaurant that has been chosen especially for you, based on your desires. For a truly Colorado fine dining experience, we might have dinner at the Fort… or the more casual Buckhorn Exchange, Denver’s oldest restaurant. Whatever type of cuisine you desire, I have a wonderful restaurant for you!

Finally, the dessert… because one of Colorado’s most delightful attractions is… me! We’ll retire to your hotel, or my incall, and spend several hours just having a wonderful, private time together. I promise, I’ve saved the best for last.

The deluxe adventures are as above, but also include a private, chauffeured town car or SUV, champagne, and other special surprise treats from me!

The mini adventures also begin at noon, and include lunch with me, a couple of hours of exploration either in the mountains or in town, and then some delightful private time before I leave you at dinnertime. The deluxe mini adventure also includes the private, chauffeured town car or SUV, champagne, and other fun surprises!

Whatever adventure you choose, I promise to be the most exciting, sensual tour guide you’ve ever had! I am delighted to be able to share Colorado with my friends, and all the secrets only locals know. Being a tourist was never this much fun!

Tantra and Sacred Sexuality Exploration
$400 – $1,500 – see Tantra and Sacred Sexuality page for detailed session descriptions
Tantra and Sacred Sexuality sessions are offered for a minimum of two hours (three hours for first-time encounters). We will explore ancient and modern practices from several cultures and belief systems, practices which not only enhance and improve lovemaking skills (including extending orgasm), but elevate the sexual experience into the realm of the spiritual. The experience is incredibly profound, moving, and healing. Sacred sexuality is about making a deep connection — with your partner, with the divine, and with yourself.

For more information, and detailed descriptions of available sessions, click here for my Tantra and Sacred Sexuality page.

Sensual Teachings for Men
$250 – $1,500 – see Sensual Teachings for Men page for detailed session descriptions

In my sensual lessons for men, I will teach you how to prolong sensuality and prevent premature ejaculation; achieve orgasm without an erection; how to extend the duration of orgasms; how to separate orgasm from ejaculation, and begin to have full-body orgasms; and also how to have multiple orgasms.

Unlike my Sacred Sexuality sessions, the Sensual Teachings are not necessarily spiritual in nature — though they certainly can be, if you choose to take it to that level. What I teach is real, down-to-earth, no nonsense, and lots of fun besides. I even give you some great “homework,” to practice on your own, or with another partner! I can promise you, school has never been so delightful… and you’ve never had such a naughty teacher!

For more information, and detailed descriptions of available sessions, click here for my Sensual Teachings for Men page.

Twice as Nice! Beverly and a Girlfriend
1 hour – $500
90 minutes – $600
2 hours – $700
3 hours – $950
overnight – $2,500

I am genuinely bisexual and love to play with my friends — and we love to play with you! Being with two ladies is one of the ultimate male fantasies… and it’s rather like getting to direct, and star, in your own adult movie! From romantic and passionate, to naughty and nasty, we love to fulfill your fantasies and create a wonderful, playful encounter. I have a couple of special girlfriends I really enjoy playing with. Muffin is the ultimate MILF, cute and wholesome, medium build, and just really, really naughty! Paige is a beautiful, mature lady, voluptuous and busty, and up for all sorts of wickedness! Whether you’ve been with two ladies before, or if this is your first time, I can assure you that your encounter with me and one of my friends will be the best you’ve ever experienced.

Encounters for Couples
1 hour – $300
90 minutes – $375
2 hours – $450
full evening – $1,000 (6 hours)
overnight – $1,800

I think it’s terrific when a couple chooses to enhance their relationship, and enjoy an experience with another woman. I would be delighted to join you and your partner for a truly memorable encounter.
In my experience, to make a couples session work, both partners need to be an integral part of the whole process, from the beginning. Men who “surprise” their partners with another lady invariably end up extremely sorry (no matter how many times your partner has said she’d like to try another girl).

When arranging an experience for a couple, I require both members of the couple to have contact with me beforehand. It is especially important for me to make a connection with the female member of the couple, both through email and on the phone. Women need to have a mental/emotional connection in order to feel comfortable, most of the time… especially if this is her first experience, or if she is “shy.”

I like to find out what your partner has in mind, what you have in mind, what the boundaries are, the absolute no-nos, and the deeply important fantasies. This way, I can help guide everyone through a session that makes all parties involved (including me!) happy and satisfied.

It’s hard enough to make one person feel comfortable and relaxed enough to let go and enjoy themselves. To orchestrate the experience for two people takes a provider with some experience and skill. One needs to be able to prevent difficulties, or know how to deal with them if they come up. Sometimes, everyone seems on the same page at the beginning of a session, but then emotions come up during the session that can change the whole tone, and need to be addressed.

With preparation and forethought, threesomes can be a tremendous experience. I think it’s exciting and wonderful, to spend an evening or an afternoon with two people who care for each other, and enjoy exploring their sexuality!

Swinger’s Club Adventure
An entire evening: at least 3 hours – $700 + club admission
An entire evening: at least 3 hours with Beverly and a girlfriend – $1,000 + admission

Explore the outrageous, exhibitionistic, voyeuristic, decadent world of a local swinger’s club with me, or have one of my girlfriends join us! I am all yours for the entire evening… until someone cries “uncle”! I really love playing in public, and delight in helping you indulge in your fantasies, desires, and wildest wishes! My favorite public club, The Scarlet Ranch, features a hot tub and an orgy bed, among other things. For repeat clients, by my invitation only, I am also a member of a private club. Let’s get hedonistic!

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!
A Rockies Game and 2+ hours private time – $650 plus tix and dogs!

I love baseball…. and thanks to steroids, I’ve sadly discarded my affections for the San Francisco Giants and have given the Rockies my full allegiance. This session is a special deal, because I just love having a friend to go to the game with… so let’s meet for a little private fun time, then soak up some sunshine at the park, holler at the ump, have a couple of hot dogs and relax… then afterwards, more uninterrupted private YOU time! Batter up!

Sensual Domination
$250 and up (regular classic companionship rates apply) – See my Sensual Domination page for more information.

I enjoy all aspects of sensuality, including playful exploration into the realms of fantasy, BDSM, and fetishes. I specialize in sensual domination, meaning that not only do I offer an experience most pro-dommes will not, but also that I enjoy exploring the intense, passionate nature of domination. Whether you are an experienced sub, or a curious first-timer, I will create an experience for you that will satisfy your desires… while you satisfy mine. Please note: I am NEVER submissive, so please don’t contact me with such requests.

For more information, and my requirements and etiquette for contacting me for these types of sessions, please see my Sensual Domination page.

Strip Poker and other Events
I love having fun with lots of friends! This kind of fun can take many forms; recently I had a fun porn-style photo-shoot with two of my gentleman friends; my girlfriends and I had a swinging style, partner swapping party; and my girlfriend Muffin and I (sometimes with other ladies, too) regularly host wild strip poker parties.

We are more than happy to arrange a fun group event on request. Usually at least a couple weeks advance notice is required, in order to coordinate schedules with all participants. All you have to do is ask, and we’ll take it from there! Rates for such events vary, depending on the event, time, number of participants, and whims of the ladies. Generally, however, you can expect a lower rate than what you might normally expect for the length of the session, and the number of ladies involved. We like to keep the “ante” reasonable, so there’s always a good turnout!

During our strip poker parties, and other events, the play is strictly heterosexual. While these parties do require our friends to be comfortable playing around other men, there is no interaction between the gentlemen… other than good-hearted laughter, and maybe some cheering!

Voyeur Experiences
1 hour – $300
90 minutes – $375
2 hours – $450

In these very special, naughty encounters, I invite you to be my audience, as my lover skillfully drives me into a passionate frenzy. You watch as his hands caress me, his lips leave a searing trail of heat, from my lips, down my throat, down…

I admit it’s true… I am a bit of an exhibitionist. But I’m not excited by the prospect of getting “caught,” so public exhibitionism isn’t really my thing. But I do love being watched!

There’s something incredibly sensual and exciting about having an aroused audience, watching my every move with obvious delight! It somehow makes the whole encounter even more intense, sexier than ever!

You decide your level of participation — will you be a silent observer, or perhaps an active coach or director? Would you like to be my audience for a while, and then have some private one-on-one time afterward? Whatever you decide, I know all of us will have an incredible time!

Incall Information
I love incalls! I am happy to arrange an incall for our assignation at an upscale hotel (Marriott or better) in the area of your choosing. I take care of everything, and there is no additional expense for my guests.

I can make arrangements in the Denver Tech Center, downtown Denver, West side, Broomfield/Westminster, Boulder, or even Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. Simply let me know your preference, and I’ll take care of the rest! If you are seeking a same-day incall appointment, I must make arrangements before 4pm, so please plan accordingly.

Overnight clients only will be treated to a night at my favorite Bed and Breakfast, a short drive from town in the foothills, featuring our own private cottage, complete with fireplace and hot tub.

I regret to say that, for personal reasons, I will no longer be seeing clients in my private home. I am currently shopping for a nice apartment, in order to have a more personal place to entertain my guests.

I will travel anywhere, though some travel fees, and/or a minimum session time requirement, may apply for far-flung destinations.

Outcall Information
Outcalls are available to private residences and upscale hotels. There is no additional charge for outcalls in the Denver area. I will travel anywhere, though some travel fees, and/or a minimum session time requirement, may apply for far-flung destinations.

Discretion is important to both of us, and thus on outcall appointments, I tend to wear casual, attractive attire (jeans or slacks and a nice blouse, etc.). If you have another preference with regard to my clothing, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you. If you desire particularly sexy attire, I am happy to change, after I’ve arrived.