I love kissing. It’s an art, a sensual conversation without words. With a kiss, I can express friendship and closeness, or tease, or lose myself in passion, hunger, need.

Kissing is so wonderful for so many reasons. I love to start a session off with a kiss, first thing.

I begin with a gentle kiss, the lightest brush of lips… then flow into an exploratory kiss, firmer lips, a hint of tongue.

I want to get a feel for my partner’s kissing style, the way they enjoy sharing a kiss, their approach.

I don’t have one kissing style of my own. Rather, I like to explore what my partner likes, and match him lip for lip, tongue for tongue, desire for desire.

Then I deepen the kiss further, let the passion and desire flow out of me in waves, revel in my partner’s response. I focus on nothing but the moment, the lips, the tongue, the hot breath of the kiss.

Being present in the kiss — like being present in meditation — is, to me, the secret to being a fantastic kisser. I don’t think of anything, anything, but the kiss.

When I finally pull back, I’m smiling and happy. What a wonderful way to say hello!

Sometimes, when I am really engaged and excited to talk with someone, I worry that I may talk too much. I tell my friends, “If I’m talking too much, just kiss me. I’ll hush right up.” And what a nice way to tell me to shutup. 🙂

Like many women, I think kissing is perhaps more intimate than sex. I think part of this is because women are communicators. We’re geared to communicate, to talk, to use talking to learn, to process our feelings and thoughts. Kissing is something of a surrender, giving up my ability to speak, asking me to speak only with my mouth, my breath, my hands, my sighs, my body pressed against yours. I think it’s a intensely sensual language we all understand.

NOTE: My weight loss efforts continue… so far, I’ve lost 51 pounds! 🙂 I’m thinking I’ll take new photos when I get to 60 pounds lost. I’ve been having a lot of fun being able to wear clothes (and lingerie!!!!!) that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time.

More soon!

B. ;-*