I’m home from my trip to the San Francisco Bay Area. I had a wonderful time. I saw several gentlemen who had seen me many years before, when I lived in San Francisco. It was humbling to be remembered so fondly, in a business where so many names are forgotten too easily. I did my level best to live up to my own reputation. 🙂

I saw many friends in the area, including my girlfriend Andrea Storm. She is such a treat. Just the nicest, kindest woman you can ever imagine. If you’re ever in San Jose, look her up. You’ll be glad you did.

Still, all the fun aside, it really is nice to be home. I’m a homebody — I love just lurking around the house, answering my email, puttering about doing various chores, hanging out and watching movies with my family (and always a dog or two at my feet).

I used to tour a lot, traveling all over the country. I’m starting to think maybe I’d like to start doing that again. At least a little. I’m considering a trip to Omaha and Kansas City — both places I love very much.

I’m also looking forward to going to my Weight Watchers meeting this coming Thursday. It’s been two weeks! I must confess, I’m rather nervous about weighing in. Traveling is hard on a person trying to watch what they eat. I did fairly well, but there were a couple nights (Round Table Pizza’s “Italian Garlic Supreme” pizza, and the garlic naan and chicken vindaloo at the Royal Taj in San Jose) when I quite lost my mind. Portion control went right out the window.

But I’m back on track now, and all I can do is move forward. Please wish me luck, and keep those letters of support coming! They mean more to me than I can say. 🙂

More soon!

B. ;-*