Below are some questions that I’m asked… well… frequently!

If you don’t see the question that you want to ask, please feel free to send me an email! Keep in mind that I do not answer explicit questions, nor will I quote rates (please see my Rates and Services page for more information!).

Otherwise, I am more than happy to answer any question I can! Please scroll down for all of my most common questions, or click on the question that interests you most.

Are the photos on the site your actual pictures?
Yes, all of my photos are real… although many tell me I look better in person (I don’t think I photograph well!). I try to keep both professional and candid photos on my site, as well as some pictures from the past couple years. I want you to explore my galleries, and really get a feel for who I am. I am a mature lady, and super-voluptuous as well… there is much to be said for an experienced, soft, real woman!

What do you charge?
My rates vary, depending on the type of experience that you’re looking for. I specialize in extended, multi-hour encounters, and have set my rates to support this. I do offer hour-long experiences, however, and also specialty sessions like dinner dates, Tantra and Sacred Sexuality encounters, even trips to baseball games!

My rates are all-inclusive – no upselling, and tipping (while appreciated) is never required.

I invite all clients interested in arranging an appointment to read my Rates and Services page, where you will find not only details about hourly rates, but descriptions of adventures you may not have thought of — or indeed, even imagined!

I’m new to all of this, and I’ve never done this before, so I don’t have any references. Will you see me? Also, what can I expect? Do you have suggestions?
I love to see special friends who are new to this type of experience, and I am honored that you are considering seeing me. I make a special effort to ensure that your first experience is not only positive, but fantastic!

I understand that, being new, you do not have references from other providers. I am happy to see you. However, I will need to get to know you a bit better, by asking some questions, and getting a feel for who you are. If you are able to provide a land line phone number, either home or work, or a professional website, so much the better… but if not, we can try to make something work. Be prepared to exchange several emails with me. It is critical that I verify my clients, for my legal and physical safety. I do appreciate your understanding.

How can I contact you?
I prefer initial contact via email. You can find my email link on my “Contact Me” page. I understand some people really enjoy phone calls, and just like hearing a voice before we meet. Once we’ve corresponded a bit via email, and I’ve had a chance to get to know you, I’m happy to arrange for us to speak on the phone. Friends who I’ve seen in the past are welcome to call me anytime.

Can I meet you for coffee or dinner, before I make an appointment?
I can certainly understand why you might want to meet with me, before you make an appointment. The idea of getting together ahead of time, making sure that you really like someone, and lessening nervousness, is perfectly understandable.

But I charge for my time, not for services rendered (contrary to what you might believe). I am an incredibly busy person, and I like to devote my precious spare time to my family. It isn’t that I don’t like and enjoy the people I meet — it’s simply that my time is very valuable to me. In your work, I am quite sure that you have customers, clients, or an employer that you like and respect, but you would never consider doing work for them without charging.

However, I know that such meetings are often really important, for helping my friends feel comfortable — especially those new to this type of experience. So as a kind of compromise, I offer a special, lower “dinner only” rate, which you can find on my Rates and Services page. I do appreciate your understanding and appreciation of my time, and I look forward to sharing a meal with you!

How old are you? What are your measurements?
I am 42 years old; I’ll be celebrating my 43rd birthday in November! (Yes, I’m a Scorpio… and all the rumors you’ve heard are true!) I like to be up front and honest with my clients. It’s not only good for you, but for me as well. It would be silly for me to tell you I’m 32, only to disappoint you. I don’t choose to chase youth, worrying over every wrinkle, desperately trying to compete with younger women. I enjoy being a smart, experienced, mature woman — and I desire clients who can appreciate that.

The same is true for my body. I have a 42C chest, bordering on a D (every bra is different). As for the rest of my measurements, to be completely honest, I have no idea. I don’t think I even own a tape measure. On advertising sites where such information is required, I usually guess at a 34 waist, and 46 hips. I am a very voluptuous, curvy woman.

I have a very lush figure, at the low end of the BBW scale. My current photos are an accurate representation of my figure. There’s a nice one that shows my full body at the bottom of my “About Me” page, as well as several in my “Spring 2009” photo gallery. If age and weight are big issues for you, there are many providers who are younger, thinner, and less expensive than I. But if you desire making a deeper, personal connection with an intelligent, interesting, mature woman… and one with a beautiful, soft, sexy Rubenesque body, then I’m delighted to show you just how sensual I can be!

References: After we’ve met, can I use your name as a reference for other providers?
I am always happy to provide references for my friends. However, if I have not seen you in a year or more, I will probably not be able to help with a reference. People can change over time, and most providers prefer a recent reference. I would hope that there are other providers you’ve seen more recently who could help you, though of course you are welcome to come see me again, and start another year!

When seeking a reference, it will help expedite the process if you could provide the following information to the lady you wish to see:

Your name – first and last
My name and website address
Your phone number and especially the email address you used to contact me
When we met — exact date is helpful, but even the month is great
A few details about our time together that only I would know — not information anyone could find on my website, but something specific to our time together.
I am not a jealous provider (I’ve always thought that was so strange!), and I do not mind at all helping my friends meet my other friends! I am also happy to give you recommendations to other ladies I think you might like to meet.

I’m not used to someone with piercings. How many do you have, and can you remove them?
I have three piercings, one in my eyebrow (small), one in my nose (very small and delicate), and a third in a very private place. I understand that, especially in cases where we are going out together in public, you might prefer that I remove my facial piercings. I am able to remove the small stud in my nose with no difficulty. The eyebrow piercing is another matter, though with my hair, it’s hardly noticeable.

However, if you are extremely determined to have my piercings removed, it is possible. In order to remove the eyebrow piercing, and/or the private piercing, I must go to a professional piercer, pay to have it removed, and then return after our session and pay to have it replaced. Due to the cost of the piercer’s time, plus my own, there is an additional $300 charge to have my piercings removed. I am more than happy to make such arrangements, on your request.

Sadly, we do judge based on personal appearance in our society, and while I wish this weren’t so, I understand the need to be able to “fit in” in any environment. I have found, however, that piercings such as mine are so prevalent in our society these days, that no one really notices them, or gives them a thought. But I can certainly understand if you would prefer to have them removed. Simply let me know your desires!

Can you tell me about your tattoos?
I have four tattoos, a small one on my back, two large ones on either shoulder, and another small tattoo at the nape of my neck, which is almost always hidden by my hair. I designed my tattoos so that even a short-sleeve shirt will cover them. I realize that, sadly, we judge people on appearance in our culture, and make assumptions about the kind of person they are based on what they look like. I think this is just tragic. Yet I also am very pragmatic. I love my tattoos, but I also love the fact that, if I wanted to, I could put on a suit, braid my hair, and get a job at a bank (not that I’d want to! I love my job!). It’s important to be able to “fit in.” Robert Heinlein called it “fooling Mrs. Grundy.”

I got the tattoos because I like body art, and I think they’re beautiful. It’s my way of permanently adorning myself. Sadly, I’ve had gentleman assume I’m a “biker chick” or some such. I’m actually an educated, elegant, and yet down-to-earth lady. Kind of a “black velvet and blue jeans” sort of person.

When we are out in public together, and especially when I am doing outcalls to hotels, I wear clothing that covers my tattoos. I believe in being discreet. Please feel free to ask me what my tattoos mean!

What do you look for in a client?
I ask for your name, a reference from another provider you’ve seen, and a contact phone number. I do understand that gentlemen new to the hobby will not have a reference, but we can discuss this via email (see the “newbie” section above).

On a personal level, I believe in the Golden Rule. We all want to spend our time with someone who is polite, friendly, and respectful; someone who is clean, well-groomed, and looking their best; a person who is honest and kind.

I prefer gentlemen over 30 years old; however, I am willing to see younger gentlemen who approach me with dignity. I rather enjoy younger men who can appreciate the experience of a mature woman! But I also enjoy older men, too… I suppose you could say that I simply enjoy men.

I seek men who appreciate that a strong mental connection can strengthen and enhance the sensual, men who enjoy conversation from the intellectual to the low-brow, men who can shift from the sublime to the purely physical.
Your excitement excites me!

What are your pet peeves?
I’m actually very easy to get along with. I think the majority of the things that bother me, in the course of my work, would probably bother most people. In other words, it’s like my mother always said: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you (and you know I just love it when you do unto me!). But everyone has a few pet peeves, so here are a few of mine:

Showing up early for your appointment. I am never ready early, and am usually rushing around trying to make sure everything is perfect for when you arrive. Even if I do have a few extra minutes, it’s nice just to sit down and relax and prepare myself mentally for our encounter… you know, just let go of the stress of the day, and be relaxed and happy when I open the door!

Contacting me without reading my Rates and Services page, or taking the time to explore my site a bit — and thus, asking questions that are inappropriate, or are answered here on the site. Of course, the ironic part is that those guilty of this particular sin won’t ever read these words. Funny!

Poor hygiene. I think this is the number one pet peeve of escorts all over the world. I take a serious effort with my appearance and hygiene, and I really appreciate it when you do, too. Part of this (how to put this delicately?) means scrubbing, with lots of soap, all areas within 14 3/4 inches of any part of your body that you think I might come in contact with. This includes parts that you think I won’t come in contact with. For example, the armpits are within 14 3/4 inches from your nipples. And all sorts of parts are within 14 1/2 inches from your belly button. Or your lower back. You get the idea. I know it seems silly to have to explain all of this. Feel free to ask me about my math. And you are always welcome to shower at my incall — I may even join you!

Inappropriate emails or phone calls, emails which include photos of genitalia, or general arrogance. I may be an escort, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be treated with the same respect and dignity that you would offer any other lady. You would never send an email with extremely explicit language to any other woman you’ve never met — so why send one to me? You would never send an email making demands, rather than polite requests, to a stranger — so please, don’t send one to me. Again, the sad part is, those folks who send such emails will surely never read these words. I love irony.
I think that’s pretty much it! As I said, I’m easy to get along with. Treat me with respect, and you will receive the same. Mom was right!

Do you see men of color (black, Asian, etc.)?
Absolutely! It saddens me how often I’m asked this question. I think it’s depressing that such prejudice still exists in our society to even necessitate the question. I am happy to see anyone at all, no matter their skin tone or national origin. All I desire is that my friends be true gentlemen — honest, respectful, and courteous. The only race I understand is the human race!

I’m not really a “kinky” person. I see you offer BDSM sessions. Are you really into that?
My sexual tastes are, like every other aspect of my life, quite eclectic. I love variety. I suppose one could say my fantasies are like a huge sexual buffet — and just as I enjoy Chinese food one night, and Italian the next, I also enjoy sampling from a diverse menu of sexual pleasures. Yes, I enjoy BDSM — but I also enjoy slow, romantic lovemaking, with candles and soft music, sweet whispers and caresses. I am capable of intense passion, and playful explorations into the realm of fantasy. And I honestly don’t believe there is anyone who is “normal” — lights out sex, missionary only. Everyone has a fantasy, a special pleasure, from the mild to the wild. I enjoy it all!

Can you wear something special for our time together?
I will do my best to accommodate specific requests for attire. I love costumes and dress-up, lacy or sheer chemises, vintage clothes, garters and stockings — let me know what intrigues you!

When doing outcalls, discretion is a priority. I generally arrive in “casual dressy” attire — jeans and a nice blouse, or slacks and a blazer. When visiting hotels, my tattoos are always discreetly covered. I will change into whatever you request once I arrive at your location.

In the case of an incall, I will greet you in my “casual dressy” attire, unless you have a specific request.

Do you offer UTF, DATY, CIM, FS, etc. etc. etc.?

These acronyms indicate illegal behavior. It is a mistake to think that using them somehow disguises the behavior you are inquiring about. I assure you, the legal community is fully capable of reading glossaries on hobby boards. If you seek to understand more about me and the type of experience I offer, I ask you to take some time and do your homework, read and learn. I ask for a donation for my time and companionship ONLY. All of my reviews are lovely stories for entertainment purposes only.

What is Tantra and Sacred Sex?
Tantra and Sacred Sex refers to ancient practices from several cultures, practices which not only enhance and improve lovemaking skills (including extending orgasm), but also deepens the connection between partners, and elevates the sexual experience into the realm of the spiritual. For more information on sacred sensual practices, please see my Tantra and Sacred Sexuality page.

If you are interested in learning more about prolonging sensuality and preventing premature ejaculation, non-ejaculatory orgasms, and male multiple orgasm, without the more esoteric, spiritual focus of sacred sexuality, I suggest you visit my Sensual Teachings for Men page.

What kind of education do you have?
My sensual education began over 20 years ago, and has been a lifelong study/pursuit/passion. There’s always more to learn and discover! I am a Certified Tantra Educator, and a member of the Association for Sexual Energy Professionals (ASEP). I write articles on the subject of sexuality for various websites and magazines, and hope to start teaching workshops for women and couples soon.

As for my traditional education, I have bachelor’s degree in journalism, and also studied literature and history. I hope to go to graduate school one day, but realistically it’s going to have to wait a couple of years. But that’s fine… I’m busy learning so many things, in my own way. I am an avid reader, and I’m constantly taking classes and workshops, exploring new territory. I believe that a formal education is important, but life is an education, too. Yet I do love going to school. One of my biggest fantasies is to figure out a way to spend the rest of my life in school, studying anything and everything — law, psychology, sociology, computer science, biology… learning everything I can… and then taking that knowledge and applying it in the world.

Do you see disabled clients?
This is actually an area of specialty for me, and my disabled clients have provided me with a very unique, wonderful new way of exploring sexuality. I have learned to appreciate different ways of finding pleasure, and it has been fantastic. I am happy to arrange an accessible incall, or I can come to you. Whatever your “differentness,” I probably have experienced something similar before, and would love to see you. Please let me know ahead of time if you have any special needs or desires.

Do you like what you do?
No…. I LOVE what I do! I honestly believe that I have a calling for this work. I find myself learning more every day, understanding more, connecting with my special friends on a deeper and deeper level.

I believe that what I do is healing, powerful, and important. I am so blessed that I have the opportunity to make my living by touching the lives of others, bringing them happiness. And as I give pleasure, I receive it back a hundred times over.

Every person on this planet is unique and wonderful; everyone has a story to share, a life experience I can learn from — and contribute to. And in turn, I am touched. My life grows richer every day, because of the people who reach out to me. I am so blessed that you let me be a part of your life, even if just for a moment.