Thank you for taking the time to get to know me! I strongly believe that learning about each other really enhances the time we spend together… so that when we do meet, it will be like greeting an old friend, or perhaps a special lover from your past you could never quite get out of your mind.

I am a complex woman, with many dimensions and facets. Perhaps the word “eclectic” might best describe me. I am a very open person, a passionate free-spirit, and I try to always imbue a sense of love into everything I do.

I offer an extraordinary, unique experience that’s truly different from anything else you may have encountered. I am intelligent and educated, a mannered, cultured lady in public… but in private, I am unconventional, shameless, uninhibited, with an outlook on life that defies tradition — but with a sense of joy, delight, and wonder!

Sensually speaking, I have a wide variety of tastes… I love laughing and conversation, making a deep connection that goes far beyond the physical, intense and powerful. Yet I also love being the porn star, the giggly first-timer, the serious and experienced teacher, the sensual, spiritual goddess, the earthy, naughty girlfriend. I am always ready to try new things, explore, learn.

I believe that sexuality is more than the joining of two bodies. I believe that the most satisfying, powerful, and intense experiences come from intimacy, and closeness. Is such intimacy possible with a professional companion? I truly believe the answer is yes.

I’ve made a personal study of human sexuality for over 20 years. It’s been an amazing journey of discovery and understanding. And I’m still learning! I’m amazed at this ongoing process, as I uncover new experiences and new ways of understanding my own pleasure, and that of others. I believe that the act of giving pleasure is almost more wonderful than receiving it!

I find that, in my own sexuality, I go through phases. Certain things interest and excite me for a while, and then I take that knowledge and apply it to learning something new. I have studied what one might call “straight sex,” or what many might perceive as “normal” sex, in many ways, for many years. Yet I don’t tire of it. Recently, I’ve come to discover new depths in the simplest of “straight” sexual encounters. I am fascinated with the details of the act… the touch of someone’s fingertips, the feel of my mouth on my lover’s body, the sighs, moans, rapid breathing. The whole act has become like a symphony for me, with every detail like a single note, adding to the total experience.

I have also explored more unusual aspects of sexuality. For quite some time, I studied BDSM and domination, and the deeper ramifications of the sensual power exchange. While I still practice sensual domination, for those that wish to explore that aspect of their sexuality, I am also moving in new directions. Today, I am exploring Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, and spiritual, powerfully intimate connections. I am what is called a dakini, having studied Tantra for years, including taking an intensive, seven-day course in Hawaii, in order to become a Certified Tantra Counselor. I’ve recently joined the Association of Sexual Energy Professionals (ASEP), and am looking forward to more intensive study in Shamanistic sensual practice. I am honored to share these deeply spiritual, amazingly euphoric experiences. But I also offer what I call Sensual Teachings for Men, for those interested in the more concrete aspects of Tantric methods — ejaculation control, male multiple orgasm — without the spiritual or esoteric component.

I also specialize in seeing friends with a variety of disabilities. What I find most intriguing about sensuality with “differently-abled” friends is that I have learned a great deal about different aspects of sexuality, including non-traditional methods of arousal and orgasm. I find that what I’ve learned translates very well into sessions with my “abled” clients, as well.

I love being a woman, and I love showing you the many aspects of all that is female. Most of all, I love bringing out all that is truly male in you! I love men… you are endlessly fascinating creatures, with your sexuality so close to the surface, and your emotions so deep… the opposite of women, and yet the perfect match, as well.

I am genuinely bisexual. While overall I prefer men to women, I very much enjoy sharing sensual pleasures with both a man and a woman. My experiences with couples are always delightful – whether one of my girlfriends joins us for a lighthearted, sensual romp, or I spend an exciting, tantalizing evening with a gentleman and his wife or lover. It is especially exciting when one or both people have never had such an experience before. To be able to share this kind of pleasure is a gift.

I embrace all forms of sexuality, from the base and profane, to the loving and profound.

The Silly Details

It’s the silly details about a person that really help you feel as if you know them… hobbies, food preferences, things they do for fun. Here are some details about me. I would love it if you’d share such details with me, about you.

As with every other aspect of my life, I’m very eclectic in my hobbies and personal tastes. I love trying new things… and adding them to my repertoire of delights.

I love music – and again, there’s a wide variety in my appetites. I listen to anything and everything, but most often rock and roll, classical, jazz, blues, gospel, even a bit of country and rap.

I very much enjoy dining out, from a 5-star gourmet dining experience one night, to an all-night diner with gum-chewing waitresses the next. I am very adventurous in almost everything I do, and cuisine is no exception! Trying new foods or exploring the latest ethnic restaurant is just too much fun. Ask me about my favorite middle eastern restaurant, or country French, or Cuban, or even Ethiopian!

I love camping and hiking in the mountains… Colorado is a spectacularly beautiful place. But I also love being pampered at an exclusive spa, or spending a weekend of indulgence at a wonderful historic hotel, like the Brown Palace, or the Oxford.

Spending time with a male friend can take almost any form, including elegant, black-tie affairs; clubbing and dancing the night away; staying home by the fire, talking, and playing cribbage; dinner at a wonderful restaurant, then retreating to the privacy of a comfortable hotel; camping and fishing; having an adventure at a swinger’s club; getting back to nature at a nudist resort; behaving myself at a corporate party (but wearing naughty underwear beneath my suit!); of catching a flight for a weekend at some interesting destination.

Colorful Colorado!I grew up in Colorado, and attended college in Santa Cruz, in northern California. I collect antiques, including antique books, furniture, teacups, and – my latest pleasure – antique sexual devices (my collection’s not very big, yet, but do ask to see it!).

I live with my best friend (yes, we’re really just friends!) and some very special furry friends: Tish, a rambunctious, sadly dimwitted yellow lab; Sugar, an older mutt who is so loving and sweet; Patches, a grumpy calico cat; and Gwennie, a painfully stupid but nonetheless utterly sweet gray-and-white kitty.

The newest addition to our furry family is a pure black kitten, who we’ve named Kali, after the goddess of chaos and destruction (aptly, I hasten to add). Quite a menagerie! I love animals and think they are an important part of our lives, contributing so much love to our existence. All of my animals are rescue animals.

Reading and writing are my chief hobbies, and the focus of my studies in college. I have a B.A. in Journalism, and have been publishing work professionally for over 20 years. I’m currently working on a book, The Slut Rants, which I hope to finish this year. I am an avid reader. I am always reading something! Usually, I’m reading a fiction book, and also a non-fiction book, alternating between the two based on my mood. I’d love to hear what you’ve been reading!

I enjoy reading modern fiction and non-fiction, and late nineteenth- to early-twentieth century fiction, particularly Twain, Steinbeck, and Salinger. I must admit a weakness for science fiction, particularly Neil Gaiman and Robert Heinlein. I love reading fascinating non-fiction books that teach me things, and make me think. I love reading wonderfully written literature; but typical of my eclectic nature, I also enjoy trashy novels that I can’t remember a week later. If you’re a reader too, please explore a relatively new feature on my site — Beverly’s Bookshelf. It reflects my eclectic tastes, and is something like a cross between a book review and blog.

I’m also something of a geek — I dabble in web design (yes, I did my own site, and my girlfriend Velvet’s too, as well as the site for the Passion Pussycats). I find web design incredibly soothing, almost a kind of meditation. I love the Internet and I’m always searching out new and interesting (or at least fun!) websites.

I love to travel, explore the world. I am eternally fascinated by the viewpoints and cultures of others. Internationally, I’ve been to Mexico, France, England, and Indonesia (Bali). On my travel “to do” list is Italy, Venice in particular, and also Ireland, Scotland, the Czech Republic, Germany, India, and Australia. I’ve been to many places in the United States, and there are so many more states that I’d like to explore. It’s really wonderful when a client flies me out to see him, but I also tour a variety of places. Be sure to see my travel page for more information.

I enjoy theater, opera, movies, art film, performance art, and visiting art galleries. I have some education in art, theater, and film, which really makes the experience much more enjoyable. I do watch some television, but not much… I don’t have the time! My science-fiction geeky side comes out, when it comes to TV… I particularly enjoy Dr. Who, Torchwood, and Being Human — all BBC shows.

I really want to give you a feel for who I am, on many levels… my philosophy and approach to not only my business, but my life. Because when we meet, I’ll be sharing that person with you — not just an act, or a presentation of what a woman should be.

I have a love of learning and trying new things – and getting to know new people is an important part of life’s learning process. Everyone, no matter who they are, has a story to tell, an experience I haven’t had, a knowledge and understanding of things I haven’t imagined. I love to ask questions and listen to new ideas, new perspectives.

I believe that life, and all aspects of life (including sexuality) are a constant learning process. Anything else is stagnation. I think that we should recognize the good in our lives, as they are, in this moment… but we should also be striving, growing, trying new things, having new experiences.

In all of my relationships, whether friendships, dates with gentlemen, or even people I meet in passing, I believe in dealing honestly, fairly, and generously. I believe all people are essentially good and kind, and deserving of respect.

While my business is tremendously fun, exciting, and stimulating (in every way), it is still a business. Having worked in the corporate world, I know that excellent service, honesty, an an understanding of my client’s needs are paramount. I not only offer you an encounter that is sensual and pleasurable on many levels, but also a high level of discretion, respect, and a healthy dose of creativity — combining to create a wonderfully positive, deeply intimate experience for both of us.

Through my sensual studies, I’ve spent most of my adult life learning how to give and share pleasure — not only sensual pleasure, but the simple joy in connecting with another person. As a courtesan, I have a deeply intuitive sense of your needs and desires; I not only listen to what you need, I sense It. I feel it. When you walk into the room, I reach within and find that part of myself that you need most, and I give it to you… without reservation. Because whatever it is, I need it too.

I thank you for taking the time to learn some things about me… and I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to learn about you, too. Come explore with me. Teach me new things. Teach me about you.